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Global Ghanaian Chamber

Networking Nirvana Dr. Bilal's Vision Unveiled in GGC and 28COE - Where Connections Fuel Business Success!

In the realm of commerce, a truth holds sway,
Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, with wisdom, does say.
Founding GGC and 28COE,
He unfolds a narrative of global unity.

“Networking,” he speaks, a beacon so bright,
A backbone for businesses, in day and night.
In the intricate dance of the global stage,
Connections are the key, setting the gauge.

From the Gold Coast to the world’s embrace,
In the digital era, a swift-paced race.
GGC and 28COE, a fusion of might,
An alliance formed, in entrepreneurial light.

Entrepreneurs and visionaries unite,
Global networking, a boundless flight.
In the corridors of commerce, hand in hand,
Businesses flourish, as connections expand.

Dr. Bilal, a maestro of trade’s symphony,
With GGC, he shapes destiny.
28COE, the entrepreneur’s creed,
A roadmap for success, a potent seed.

In the tapestry of credentials, 28 unfold,
Each a gem, a story to be told.
Networking, the pulse that beats within,
For businesses to prosper, to eternally win.

From Accra’s streets to the global array,
Networking paves the entrepreneurial way.
A bridge to opportunities, a gateway wide,
In GGC and 28COE, where dreams abide.

The world as a canvas, connections paint,
In Dr. Bilal’s vision, success is quaint.
A language spoken in handshakes and smiles,
Networking’s importance spans endless miles.

In the web of relationships, businesses thrive,
As GGC and 28COE help them arrive.
To heights unseen, to aspirations grand,
In the global network, they firmly stand.

So entrepreneurs, heed the call,
To global networking, stand tall.
Dr. Bilal’s wisdom, a guiding force,
In GGC and 28COE, chart your course.

For in the connected world of today,
Networking’s the backbone, leading the way.
In the dance of commerce, a rhythm so sweet,
GGC and 28COE, where business meets feat.

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