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Entrepreneurs Gear Up for Transformative 28COE Pre Launch-PAN INDIA Meetups in 2024

In a recent Zoom interview on 12th. Jan 2024 , broadcasted across major news channels such as TheMONdaily, Three Circle, and TheVOK, Syed Basharat Hussain, the Founder & CEO of SaBab Consultancy and 28COE Regional Director, joined Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Founder & CEO of 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur, to unveil the ambitious plans for the upcoming 28COE Pre Launch-PAN INDIA Meetups scheduled for 2024.

Describing the event as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Syed Basharat Hussain underlined the significance for startups to not only secure funding but also to forge crucial connections with investors, network with mentors, and engage with decision-makers. Known for his influential role in Jammu & Kashmir, Hussain emphasized the event’s role in providing unprecedented access to the largest global ecosystem, allowing participants to connect with key decision-makers, including CEOs and CFOs.

During the interview, Hussain stressed that the event is more than just a typical gathering; it is a transformative experience designed to propel participants to the next level of their entrepreneurial journey. The meetups aim to facilitate dynamic collaborations, creating an environment ripe for innovation and growth.

One of the key features of the event is the strategic partnerships formed with organizations such as Greenovator Incubation Foundation – iTBI, Nit Srinagar, Venture Wolf, and others. These collaborations are expected to make the 28COE Pre Launch-PAN INDIA Meetups a game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering them a platform to showcase their ideas, gain insights from industry leaders, and potentially secure the support they need to turn their visions into successful businesses.

The 28COE Pre Launch-PAN INDIA Meetups are poised to be a landmark event in the entrepreneurial landscape, promising an unparalleled opportunity for startups to thrive in a collaborative and supportive environment. Entrepreneurs and innovators nationwide are eagerly anticipating the transformative experience that these meetups are expected to deliver.

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