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Global Ghanaian Chamber

Champions of Commerce: GGC Founders Dr. Bilal & Dr. Victoria Extend the Golden Invitation to Ghana's Youth and Corporations!

In the land where the sun kisses the Gold Coast,
Two visionaries rose, their dreams engrossed.
Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat and Dr. Victoria Esinu Vitashie,
Founders of GGC, with aspirations high.

A symphony of ideas in their hearts did play,
As they envisioned a chamber, where dreams find a way.
From diverse backgrounds, united in a cause,
They set forth to create, with unwavering applause.

Dr. Bilal, a stalwart with a mind so keen,
In the realm of commerce, a leader unseen.
His wisdom, a beacon, guiding the way,
In GGC’s foundation, his influence held sway.

Dr. Victoria, a force with grace and might,
Her vision ignited, like a beacon at night.
A champion for progress, a trailblazer true,
In the chamber they built, dreams anew.

Together they crafted, with passion and care,
A haven for Ghana, beyond compare.
GGC, a testament to their shared belief,
That unity and commerce bring boundless relief.

With an invitation so warm, they call out loud,
To the youth and corporations, to join the crowd.
In the chambers they’ve built, opportunities unfold,
A tapestry of success, waiting to be scrolled.

Oh, Ghanaian youth, with dreams so bold,
Dr. Bilal and Dr. Victoria’s story is told.
In GGC’s embrace, let your ambitions soar,
For in unity and commerce, you’ll find much more.

Corporations, heed this call so divine,
To join the founders, in this grand design.
A symposium of success, a shared mission,
In GGC’s chamber, find your vision.

The invitation extends, a welcoming call,
To stand tall together, to rise and enthrall.
Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat and Dr. Victoria Esinu Vitashie,
Pioneers of progress, in GGC’s legacy.

So, Ghanaian youth and corporations alike,
Come join the founders, take the hike.
In the Global Ghanaian Chamber, dreams take flight,
Guided by Bilal and Victoria’s visionary light.

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